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Donkie Bag: Perfect Korean Style Without Burning Your Pocket

Donkie Bag: Perfect Korean Style Without Burning Your Pocket

Donkie bags have a certain style and chicness to it, which make them look korean even from the first sight.
 donkie bucket bag
Donkie Almond Bucket Bag White, retailing at sgd 55 at StyleupK
Of course, it's a korean bag brand, with its collection of women bags all designed and made in korea.

Similar bags in the market?

 Sure, you might say that there are many similar bags in the market, sold in shopping malls and even can be bought cheaper online.
Yes, we agree. And we have bought and tried some of those too. They might be cheap, but they sure did not last as long as we wished for. 
And also, they were aesthetically pleasing in pictures, but there is a certain thing to those bags which made friends go $10? when we asked them to guess the prices.
But what if we can get a korean style bag that looks korean-ish but not be too expensive?
Yes, it's definitely possible with the Donkie Korea bags.

Donkie Brand Story

Donkie is a women bag brand in Korea, and their tagline is "You are my precious guest (당신은 나의 귀한 손님)". The short form of this phrase sounds like the word Donkey, and is also the inspiration behind this brand name.
As with other bag brands, Donkie designs their own bags. But, unlike many other bag brands, Donkie also directly manages the factory that produces their bags.

Direct control of manufacturing process leads to cost effectiveness

donkie saffron bags
Donkie Saffron Bags, retailing at sgd68 at StyleupK.
To them, that translates to more control over the manufacturing process to ensure the bags of the highest quality are produced. With a direct control, it also allows them to produce bags with designs preferred by the public.
The cost effectiveness of this system is then passed on to end consumers as quality bags at affordable prices. No more paying for any middleman costs that do not directly translate to better bag quality!

Vegan leather bags with beautiful golden details

Donkie bags are all made with premium vegan leather. Also, they pay a lot of attention to details such as the inner lining of bags and also providing additional strap for the change of style.
sepium bags
Different straps are provided for the Donkie Sepium Bag. This one is in brown.
Note: the multicolor canvas strap has since changed into a mono black white strap from 2021 onwards.
What are some popular Donkie bag designs worth paying attention too?


1. Donkie Saffron Bag

saffron white styleupk

Donkie Saffron Bag Ivory, retailing at sgd68 at StyleupK.
The saffron bag is a handbag that can also be worn as a shoulder bag sling bag style. Its design is an in-between satchel and messenger bag style.
Its top handle and the golden clasp closer at the front of the handbag gives it a European vibe. Which is even stronger when it comes to the checkered colors.
The logo of this bag is engraved at the inside of the bag, giving it a simple classic look from the outside. The inner of the bag is lined with thick cotton, and is made of a big compartment with a small card pocket.

2. Donkie Sepium Bag

sepium brown
The sepium bag is a more elegant type of women shoulder bag that goes well with any outfits.
 donkie sepium ivory
Christina Tay tries out the Donkie Sepium Cream, retailing at sgd60 at StyleupK. Image credit: @christine tay
This saddle bag size is a perfect one for essentials like a wallet, phone, portable charger, airpods etc.
donkie sepium ivory
Christine adding the golden chain to the basic strap of the sepium bag.
donkie sepium ivory
Which makes it a beautiful companion for a weekend date.
The quality vegan leather material enhances your overall outfit while complementing it at the same time.
 donkie sepium ivory
Wear the bag with its basic strap to school or work, and add the golden chain to it after school for a shopping date with friends. On the weekend, change it to the black white canvas strap for a more relaxed vibe.

3. Donkie Almond Bag

donkie bucket bag styleupk

Donkie Almond Bucket Bag White, retailing at sgd 55 at StyleupK. @rachel_cha

Donkie Almond Bag is a basket bucket bag that makes all ladies go aww...
It has a summery picnic vibe with a round base. The bag also has a drawstring opening at the top which gives it an additional picnic bag vibe.
donkie bucket white
Donkie Almond Bucket Bag White, retailing at sgd 55 at StyleupK. 
The inner lining is thick cotton, just like the drawstring top of this bucket bag.
Recommended for ladies for a weekend date out or casual day out with friends. Wear it handbag style or attach the strap for shoulder bag style!

4. Donkie Alium Bag

donkie alium

Donkie Alium Deep Ivory, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK.
Donkie Alium bag is a chic bucket bag. Unlike the Almond bag which is made with a basket like exterior, this one goes for more feminine style.
alium bag beige
 Donkie Alium Deep Beige, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK. Image credit: @mallow
alium beige donkie
The main feature of this bag is its sides which gather at the center and also the center drawstring with its golden detail.
 alium beige donkie
This bag goes really well with feminine outfit style like dresses or skirts. And is also high class enough to be brought along to a wedding dinner.

5. Donkie Clover Bag

donkie envelope bag

The clover bag is a nice envelope bag style. This box design one of the most popular one in Korea. Locals love it for its great style and simplicity.
donkie envelope bag
We love the thick strap that gives more structure and form to this bag, and make it more street style friendly.
 donkie envelope bag
The clover bag in green is especially beautiful. Not bad for a bag in green!

6. Donkie Valley Cross Bag

donkie big bag

The valley cross bag is a nice tote bag from Donkie Korea. Let's be honest, mini bags are not very functional on a daily basis. We need bigger bags for school and work!
 donkie valley cross bag
Here comes the valley cross bag to the rescue! It looks simple chic with its sides slightly gathered at the center and with its small golden details.
 donkie valley cross bag
It also comes with a thick handbag strap and a thinner shoulder strap to change your style according to your mood.
Valley cross bags come in 2 sizes.


Are you looking for a korean bag that is simple, but made with good quality?
You will not go wrong with a vegan leather bag from Donkie Korea!
Go for the bag master that know their bags well and produce them too! That's how you can get the best quality at the most affordable prices.
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