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How to Dress Like A Girl Crush Idol

How to Dress Like A Girl Crush Idol

We take a look at three girl groups with girl crush concepts. Let's see what we can learn from them about how to dress like the badass women we truly are.

Most people are familiar with the bubblegum pop concept of K-pop groups. Some girl groups are known for their cute and bright concepts, while other girl groups like Aespa favour girl crush concepts.

Girl crush concepts represent the cool girls, the kind of girls that so many of us aspire to be. A girl crush idol isn’t afraid to be bold and stand out from the crowd, and that is definitely something we can learn from!

Girl groups that are known for their girl crush concept include Weki Meki, CLC, and Everglow. Let’s take a look at what kind of outfits they pulled off.

Weki Meki

weki meki

Weki Meki in girl crush mode. Image: Naver

T-shirts are a staple in any girl crush idol’s wardrobe. Basics are actually one of the most important pieces of clothing, as they are extremely versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

weki meki lucy black shirt
Weki Meki Lucy in black cropped tee style. Image: Naver

As Lucy shows, it’s hard to go wrong with a logo black t-shirt. Nothing is cooler than black colour for a girl crush fan!

opwee tshirt
Opwee T-shirt with gradation logo makes it different from just a black T-shirt

During summer, or if you are living in a hot weather country like Singapore, you can opt for a black cropped tee too.

opwee crop tee
Opwee cropped tee in black with pink logo makes you go girl crush mode easily.

Unlike oversized T-shirts, cropped tee end at the waist line and have a better fit. It gives a slimmer and taller effect. At the same time, it gives a more feminine vibe too (since guys can't wear it).

Pair the cropped tee with skirt if you are going girly or sweatpants if you are going for a more neutral vibe ootd.



CLC Hobgoblin girl crush concept. Image: gaonchart

CLC first debuted in 2015 with a cute concept. After two years of releasing cute songs, many fans were surprised when they went full girl crush for Hobgoblin. They traded in their cute sailor-inspired dresses for oversized sweatshirts!

CLC's Hobogoblin might be released in 2017, but this girl crush fashion trend has no sense of stopping.

Loose, oversized sweatshirts and hoodies continue to be a trend seen widely in Korean fashion. And you can find them easily in brands ranging from ADLV, to Ambler, AQO Studiospace and Dominant.

While hoodies might be a bit too warm for outdoor wear in countries like Singapore or Malaysia, it's such a nice cozy clothing that will serve you well in cold movie theaters or lecture rooms.

To go for kpop idol girl crush mode, opt for the darker tone hoodies with a distinct personality.

dominant hoodie
Dominant Retro New Wave Oversized Hoodie in black gives you a retro cum girl crush vibe.


Everglow debuted with a bang right from the start. Image: Twitter

Their debut song, Bon Bon Chocolat is a high-energy dance anthem. Decked out in bright colours, the members of Everglow stood out in any crowd.

Befitting the energy of their title tracks, the members of Everglow are often decked out in boots and other platform shoes, giving them a boost in height while ensuring that they can still move around comfortably.

While thigh-high leather boots may be slightly impractical in Singapore, platform shoes are definitely a brilliant alternative to achieving a similar look!

MLB is our go-to brand for chunky shoes as these brands offer a wide range of designs and colours that will complement any outfit.



mlb mono sneakers

MLB chunky shoes give you a 6cm height lift easily!

Everglow also proves that being tough doesn’t mean we can’t accessorise!

If anything, the contrast between their street-style outfits and their beautiful jewellery only makes their outfits stand out even more.

Why not take a page out of their book and complete your look with a fancy pair of earrings?

wingbling earrings
Wingbling snowflake earrings make you go bling bling easily.

Would you go korean girl crush style?

There is no fixed style for dressing like a girl crush. Even the three groups we mentioned have completely different styles, and yet they each have their own charms.

While there are certain clothing items that are commonly associated with “girl crush” (such as boots, cropped tops, baggy pants, etc.), the way these pieces are styled is what truly makes the difference.

It is up to us to mix and match the different items to find our own style, and only then can we really achieve our own girl crush look.

Find your individual girl crush style at StyleupK. We have a large variety of korean fashion brands and we ship worldwide.

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