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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
Red Velvet Joy Edgy and Chic Streetwear Outfit

Red Velvet Joy Edgy and Chic Streetwear Outfit

Anyone who follows Red Velvet’s Joy on Instagram knows that her feed is filled with endless OOTDs, and is a great source of style inspiration for K-Fashion lovers. 

Like her name, Joy never fails to bring positive energy to her fans, and her outfits typically reflect her bright and cheery nature. While she usually dresses in a more feminine style—often wearing skirts and dresses and light pastel colours—Joy proves that she can pull off edgier streetwear looks too with one of her recent Instagram updates.

Edgy and Chic

In this look, Joy wears Supreme’s black reflective beanie, Gentle Monster’s Dory 01 (P) sunglasses, Your Name Here’s Gasiri wide fit denim pants, and the Oboe bag micro from TODS. The beanie and wide leg pants have more of a streetwear style look, while the cardigan and leather bag have more elegant chic vibes.

Because she’s known for her more feminine style, it might seem strange if she suddenly wore a completely hypebeast style outfit. Instead of switching up her style completely, Joy puts together an outfit that combines elements of the hypebeast aesthetic with the elegant chic aesthetic.

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Mix & Match

There are many different styles within K-Fashion, and Joy shows that there is no need to box yourself into a single style. We also see mixing and matching of different styles in Twice’s outfits for ‘The Feels’, where they rocked a style that was a mix of high teen and grunge.

Even the e-girl style—which Somi shows off in her MV for ‘XOXO’—is derived from mixing and matching several different styles to create an aesthetic that is both edgy and cute.

What can we learn from Joy?

There is no need to dress in one style all the time, and it’s okay to experiment with your outfits every now and then. Since fashion is a form of self-expression, we can vary our everyday outfits according to our mood and interests.

And by trying out different styles, not only will you get a better idea about what looks good on you, you will also be able to put together your own unique style by mixing and matching different Korean fashion trends.

Shop for your own Joy-inspired outfits at StyleupK today, whether it’s a feminine sweet style, elegant chic style, or even a mix of both! Worldwide delivery is available, and free shipping to Singapore and the US applies if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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