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Tips to Repeat Outfits Like A Pro

Tips to Repeat Outfits Like A Pro

If you love fashion, you might have wished for an infinite wardrobe—or at least a walk-in closet filled to the brim with clothes—so that you will be able to rock an entirely new outfit every time you go out. However, most of us only have a limited number of clothes, and that means we often have to repeat our outfits.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with repeating outfits. Especially as sustainability in fashion has become a hot topic, many consumers are more conscious about their purchases, as well as making the most of their existing wardrobe. So not only is repeating outfits not something you need to be ashamed of, it’s also something you can be proud of!

Since fashion is all about expressing yourself in unique ways, some of you might be worried about your outfits becoming boring or predictable if you wear certain clothing pieces too often. The good news is: there are plenty of simple but effective tips and tricks to help you keep your outfits looking compliment-worthy no matter how many times you wear them.

Read on to find out how you can repeat outfits like a pro!

Go for basics

Lucas basic t-shirt

Not only has Lucas repeatedly worn this t-shirt… / Image: Twitter / Pinterest

Winwin basic t-shirt

...fellow group member and roommate Winwin has worn it more than once as well / Image: Twitter / Twitter

When it comes to versatility, basics are your best friend. Bright colours and loud patterns are eye-catching and make for great statement pieces, but require a longer time between wears in order to let people have less of an impression of it so that they don’t catch onto the repeated outfit. 

Basic clothing items, on the other hand, can be worn more frequently, not because they’re “forgettable”, but because their simplicity allows them to be styled in many different ways, helping to keep your outfits looking fresh and unique!

Fila Korea Heritage Serif Logo Oversized T-shirt in White

Fila Korea Heritage Serif Logo Oversized T-shirt in White was worn recently by NCT Haechan as well, retailing at SGD58 at StyleupK

Invest in separates

Separate clothing items

Separates allow you to mix and match different tops and bottoms / Image: Pinterest

Separates refers to separate top and bottom pieces, such as t-shirts, hoodies, skirts, and pants, as opposed to one-piece clothing items like dresses and jumpsuits. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own any one-piece items at all—after all, no wardrobe is complete without at least one pretty dress—but if you have limited closet space, separates are the best way to make the most out of what you have.

Heartclub Drawing Crop T-shirt in White

Heartclub Drawing Crop T-shirt in White, retailing at SGD39.90 at StyleupK

Heartclub Checkered Skirt in Black

Heartclub Checkered Skirt in Black, retailing at SGD45.90 at StyleupK

Try different combinations

@myojaeng instagram

The same t-shirt can be worn with a skirt or with jeans / Image: @myojaeng on Instagram

This may sound like a redundant tip, but you would be surprised to find out how many people often pair the same top and bottom together! Whether it’s out of habit, or the appeal of familiarity, we often pair certain clothing items together and rarely style them differently. 

Trying new combinations may be daunting, as we won’t know for sure if it will look good, but fashion is all about experimenting! If your go-to outfit is a cropped top and denim shorts, why not try swapping the shorts out for a pair of sweatpants instead? Just by replacing one item, you’ll be able to change the entire vibe of the outfit—no one will even notice that you’re wearing the same shirt!

Ambler Korea Angel Devil Bear Oversized T-shirt in Blue

Ambler Korea Angel Devil Bear Oversized T-shirt in Blue, retailing at SGD46.50 at StyleupK

Heartclub Jersey Pleats Skirt in Purple

Heartclub Jersey Pleats Skirt in Purple, retailing at SGD69.90 at StyleupK

Add some layers

Layered outfit

Create a “new” outfit by throwing on an outerwear layer / Image: Pinterest

Layering is an essential skill when it comes to styling outfits. Not only does it add depth to your outfits, they can also help to switch up the entire vibe of your look. While layering may sound impractical in sunny weather, there are actually plenty of ways to layer during the summer!

Previously, we mentioned that separates are more versatile than one-piece items, and layering can help you add some versatility to your one-piece items. For example, instead of wearing a sleeveless dress on its own, you can either wear it over a t-shirt for a casual vibe, or throw on a cute summer blazer over it for a more elegant vibe.

Motive Street Pigment Embo Point Shirt in Grey

Stay cool by layering with Motive Street Pigment Embo Point Shirt in Grey, retailing at SGD52.50 at StyleupK

Switch up the styling

@myojaeng instagram

Oversized t-shirts can be tied up as a cropped top or worn tucked out / Image: @myojaeng on Instagram

One of the simplest tricks to wear the same outfit without other people noticing is to wear it differently! This doesn’t refer to changing the combination of items, but switching up how you actually wear each item. For example, you can wear an oversized t-shirt with a skirt one day, and then wear it on its own as a dress the next day. 

Mini dresses can also double as a top, while cardigans and button-ups can be worn both as a top and as outerwear as well.

Heartclub Square Collar Cardigan in Light Purple

You can wear the Heartclub Square Collar Cardigan in Light Purple as a top as well, retailing at SGD56.90 at StyleupK

There are even some clothes that are designed to be worn in more than one way!

Celui Huru CH Reversible Tie Dye T-shirt in Milk Tea

Celui Huru CH Reversible Tie Dye T-shirt in Milk Tea, retailing at SGD99.90 at StyleupK

Accessorise differently

Accessorise outfits

Eye-catching accessories draw attention away from your outfit / Image: Pinterest

Most of the time, we wear accessories in order to make our outfits more interesting. In order to achieve this, we put in the effort to pick accessories that accentuate our outfit and do not overshadow it. However, sometimes it isn’t a bad thing for your accessories to be the most eye-catching part of your outfit, and it’s also a great way to draw people’s attention away from your clothes.

Accessories aren’t limited to jewellery either. Hats and handbags can also be classified as accessories, and switching them up can change the vibe of your look entirely. For example, tote bags and baseball caps have a much more casual vibe, while leather handbags have a more formal vibe.

Alice Martha Onder Bag

The Alice Martha Onder Bag comes in six different colours, retailing at SGD98.50 at StyleupK

Vary your shoes

Skirt with sneakers outfit

This feminine style would look good with heels as well / Image: Pinterest

Shoes are also an easy way to trick people into thinking you’re wearing a different outfit. Sneakers (especially chunky sneakers!) are an essential must-have item when it comes to Korean fashion, and can be worn with almost any outfit, including skirts and dresses. This dress-and-sneakers combination has more of a casual, streetwear vibe, but the K-Fashion spectrum is wide and consists of more styles than just hypebeast.

Just by swapping out your sneakers for an elegant pair of heels, your overall aesthetic can go from K-Pop idol to K-Drama character in a heartbeat.

Fila Surfy Sandals in Black

Fila Surfy Sandals in Black are perfect for achieving the casual look during the summer, retailing at SGD89.50 at StyleupK

Having a consistent style

Consistent brown aesthetic

A consistent style can refer to both colour palette or aesthetic / Image: @myojaeng on Instagram

It may seem counterintuitive that a consistent style can help you repeat outfits discreetly, especially when all the other tips have been about changing little details. However, it is important that even after all these changes, your personal style remains consistent. If you’re wondering why—if your style is consistent, then the people around you are more likely to regard your outfit as a whole, and less likely to notice each individual component of your outfit.

Ames Rimple Crop Sleeveless T-shirt in Brown

Ames Rimple Crop Sleeveless T-shirt in Brown, retailing at SGD36.50 at StyleupK

Ames Rimple Crop Cardigan in Brown

Ames Rimple Crop Cardigan in Brown, retailing at SGD55.90 at StyleupK


The key to getting away with repeating outfits is in the details. By making small changes to your outfit, you will be able to keep wearing the same clothing item without it getting old or boring, while being able to maintain your personal style and aesthetic as well.

While these tips will help you learn how to repeat outfits like a pro, you should keep in mind that repeating outfits is not a bad thing at all! Even if someone notices that you wore the same thing twice a week—so what?

Most of the time, we repeat outfits that we like or that we think look good, and there’s nothing wrong with dressing in whatever makes you happy. After all, fashion is about expressing ourselves and our own individual styles, so at the end of the day, our own opinions are the most important, and ultimately we shouldn’t pay too much mind to what other people think.

Shop for clothes you’ll love enough to wear over and over again at StyleupK today! StyleupK is an online Korean fashion platform that ships worldwide. Free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia.

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