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Why Malaysian BTS Army Makes Us All Proud

Why Malaysian BTS Army Makes Us All Proud

Since they became global sensation, the k-pop group BTS have gained fans in 180 countries.

Today, we will talk about the Malaysia BTS Army!

Malaysia’s BTS Army is one of the most devoted fandoms ever. According to Twitter Data, Malaysia is the sixth-largest BTS Army fandom.

Good deeds in the name of BTS by the Malaysian Army

BTS army lightstick

BTS lightstick. Image:@khulaba

Like all BTS fans, the Malaysian Army, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, has a history of doing good deeds in the name of the fandom.

However, their enthusiasm for the good deeds set them apart.

For one, they've organized countless donation drives and became active social justice warriors.

bts army malaysia

The Malaysian BTS Army makes the rest of us proud.

If you’re not familiar with the Malaysian BTS Army’s work, don’t fret. We’ll go over all you need to know in this article.

Let’s get into some of their best achievements:

The Malaysian BTS Army Does Donation Drives

bts army malaysia

Firstly, let’s talk about the donation drives and charity work the BTS Army in Malaysia has organized. The Malaysian BTS Army has a Twitter page called BTS For Charity.

This has become a very active non-profit organization in the past few years. From clothing to food, the organization provides aid to many underprivileged people in Malaysia.

Many fans also conduct donation drives on the singers’ birthdays to honor the BTS kpop idols.

bts army malaysia charity

Food support to front liners at Hospital Sungai Buloh. Image: @btsforcharity

To do this, they collaborate with different charities and NGOs. Moreover, they organize multiple crowdfunding events and social media campaigns.

These events and campaigns are usually successful because of the great support from the Malaysian BTS Army. Much of the crowdfunding comes from Malaysian BTS fans themselves.

The charity organizations then used the money to tackle issues like climate change, poverty, and gender and racial discrimination. For example, just in 2019, they donated funds to orphaned children.

green namu project
Green Namu Project team. Image: @btsforcharity

Also, they have organized and participated in environmental awareness campaigns such as the Green Namu Project. This project commemorated the birthdays of RM, Jungkook, and Jimin.

This project encouraged growing plants and trees in urban areas. It highlighted how effective plants are in combating city pollution.

The Malaysian BTS Army also frequently supports charitable initiatives led by the idol members.

For instance, their support was essential to Taehyung's campaign to provide relief for the Australian wildfires in early 2020.


BTS Army Malaysia as justice warriors

bts holding hands

As mentioned above, the Malaysian BTS Army has an active social media presence. Their Twitter and Instagram pages are also filled with advocacy posts and charitable campaigns.

The best part about their social media activism is that it holds no boundaries. Thus, they engage with issues from all around the world.

A great example is that of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Although BTS fans from all around the world aided in the BLM movement, the BTS Army Malaysia had significant participants.

bts black lives matter

BTS black lives matter campagin. Image: colorwebmag

This happened in 2020 after George Floyd’s murder at the hands of the police. It was notable that the BTS Army from both Malaysia and the Philippines helped get the BLM movement hashtag trending.

Also in Kuala Lumpur, many Army members came together to help LGBTQ+ dance teachers in Rwanda in 2019.

Their efforts on social media have had profound effects on the campaigns they support. For instance, their efforts with Rwandan teachers helped fund their schools.

In the social media age, most activism is surface-level. However, anyone can see how genuinely the BTS Army Malaysia supports different causes.


They Advocate Against Anti-Maskers and Spread Covid Awareness

Everyone knows how badly the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world. It has highlighted key issues in many countries around the world.

Malaysia is certainly no exception.

Over the past year, the fans of BTS have organized many initiatives to aid Covid-19 related issues in Malaysia.

covid bts army msia

Covid-19 donation drive Malaysia. Image: @btsforcharity

For one, they conducted donation drives to provide food and medical supplies to poorer areas in the country that was hit by the pandemic.

Also, they placed a focus on their social media platforms to educate people on the facts of the coronavirus.

Many Malaysian fans also advocated for Covid-19 restrictions and safety precautions on BTS For Charity.

Moreover, their main contribution is the ‘MYracle Aid’ campaign. This was an initiative by BTS For Charity which started in Kuala Lumpur.

sabah bts campaign malaysia

MYracle campaign in Malaysia. Image: @btsforcharity

This campaign focused on the plight of people in Sabah, a province in Malaysia.

The organizer, Nur Amarlyna Najua Zainuri, began the initiative to help unemployed people in the midst of the pandemic.

She chanced upon a video of a man running after a boat because he had no food. As such, she decided to do something about the poverty and helplessness caused by Covid-19.

Soon, many BTS Army members in Malaysia joined the cause. BTS For Charity also collaborated with over three other non-profits for this cause.

In just over two months, they raised enough money and supplies to help 230 families. Overall, the donations counted up to RM20,000 (around SGD6500).


They Create BTS Merch and Donate The Proceeds

taehyung kit

Taehyung kit sold to support Australia bush fire fundraising. Image: @shanshine_art

From artwork to action figures, the BTS fanbase produces many creative BTS merch.

Thus, it’s fitting that they honor BTS by selling merchandise for good causes!

taehyung kit 2

For instance, for Taehyung’s Australian wildfire campaign, fans made handmade cards and stickers of him.

They then sold the stickers and donated the proceeds to the Australian wildfire relief fund.

In fact, Malaysian Army members use merchandise to rally forces in many of their social media campaigns.

namu project kit

Project Namu kit. Image: @oddeyehkm

This holds true for Project Namu and MYracle Aid. They also did this for the Fragile Lives Matter (FLM) campaign.

The FLM project, a joint birthday campaign for Suga and J-Hope (Sope), was held to raise funds for Syrian children affected by the Syrian war and violence.

If you’re looking to buy BTS merch, you’ll find multiple options on the BTS Malaysia Homepage. Spending money on these items will definitely be fulfilling as they’re for charitable causes.


They Support Our BTS K-pop Idols Unconditionally

bts group pic

For the fans of BTS in Malaysia, supporting the BTS kpop idols has taken on a more profound meaning.

Not only does the Malaysian fandom do many good deeds, they also lend online support to the k-pop stars.

bts break the silence

Especially after the release of Break The Silence, BTS members are famous for talking about difficult subjects. Mental health, body image issues, and cyberbullying are just a few examples.

Although they’ve received support from many fans for talking about such issues, the Malaysian Army has taken a step further.

Just check out their social media platforms! The Malaysian BTS Army does not shy away from discussing about tough issues (just like the singers they admire).

However, this doesn’t mean they take things too far. In early 2020, there was talk of forming a BTS religion on Twitter.

Malaysian BTS fans clapped back on the platform, claiming BTS fans aren’t ‘apostates’ and that such a religion would ‘slander’ the beloved kpop group.

All in all, the BTS Army in Malaysia is pretty outstanding in its relationship with the group.

BTS members themselves have praised the fanbase for their spectacular efforts and dedication. According to the group, the Malaysian BTS Army reflects a lot of the group’s values and makes their brand proud.



Many people find it interesting to see the new relationship evolve between kpop groups and their fans. It has since changed from a top down relationship into a drive for doing good deeds.

The Bangtan Boys have also been known to praise their fans for their social activism. Rm has also said before that hearing about their fandom’s good deeds motivate the group when they feel down.

When the fanbase is as active as the BTS Army Malaysia in contributing to the society, it is particularly humbling for both the kpop group and the rest of the fandom.


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