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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)


1. Where does StyleupK ship from?

We ship internationally from South Korea. Singapore customers can also select from the Singapore collection items. Singapore collection items will be shipped locally in Singapore.


2. Are the items on StyleupK website authentic?

We work directly with many korean fashion brands. Most of their clothing are also made locally in Korea.

Just like it is difficult to find a fake Charles & Keith bag in Singapore, it would be more difficult for us to locate a fake clothing of a local korean designer brand in Korea.


3. How do I check the authenticity of the product?

Some fashion brands come with the hidden tag to scan for authenticity. 

They include ADLV Acme de la vie, AQO Studio space, Marhen J. 

Other brands do not have the hidden tag currently. If you are worried, you can take pictures of the clothing, the packaging and the price tag and send it to the customer service team of the respective official stores in Korea.

If you cannot find their email address online, please contact us.


4. How much is the shipping fee?


You can find it at our Shipping & Delivery page. 

5. What if I paid for the wrong shipping fee?

For Singaporeans, if you have paid for the local courier fee instead of the international shipping fee for items that are shipped from Korea, your order will not be processed until a top up is made. (Note: we may not inform you of the top up promptly, and we are not liable for any shipment delays in this case.)

For customers from other countries, please choose between the standard international or DHL/ EMS option correctly. Their shipping times are different and choosing the incorrect shipping option may lead to a delay in receiving the items.


6. How long does shipment take from Korea?

We will need to receive the items from the various brands before we can ship out the items. The dispatch dates for the brands vary slightly, but we are looking at an average of 3-10 working days for processing and then another 3-7 days for shipment to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

For the USA, the local courier will be USPS, and delivery will take about 7-14 working days once it is shipped out from our office.

Note: we advise customers from European countries to opt for DHL/ EMS as standard delivery might take too long.

*Please note that ADLV orders from Korea has a longer processing time than other fashion brands. Orders with ADLV items will have a longer processing time. 

*(Applicable for Singaporeans: If you would like to receive ADLV items faster, we encourage you to choose from the Singapore instock collection)


7. For Singapore customers: How long does local shipment take?

We have the fastest local shipment in town. The item will reach you in 1-2 working days from the order date.


8. For Singapore customers: How do I know if a design is available locally in Singapore?

You can visit the Singapore instock collection to see the available designs and sizes in Singapore. Singapore options have a SG at the end of their titles. 


9. For Singapore customers: How is the shipping rate calculated if I buy both the Singapore instock and the Korean items?

First scenario: Both the Singapore items and Korea items amount more than sgd100 respectively.

We will ship the Singapore instock items locally in Singapore, and the Korea ones from Korea.

Second scenario: The total purchase amounts more than sgd100 but the amount from Singapore and Korea is lower than sgd100 respectively. 

Even though you might have chosen an item from the Singapore instock, all items will be shipped in the same package from South Korea. 


10. For Singapore customers: I want to purchase an item from Singapore instock and from Korea. I would like the Singapore instock item to be shipped to me locally in Singapore.

Please write in to StyleupK for the top up of the separate local shipment.


11. For Singapore customers: What if I purchase an item from Korea but I paid the Singapore local courier fee of sgd5, instead of the international shipping fee of sgd10?

Your order will be put on hold until we receive the top up of sgd5.


12. Can I do refund or exchange?

For Singaporeans, we now provide exchanges for all items bought within 7 days from the delivery date. You can only exchange for items under the Singapore instock collection.

For customers from other countries, as the items are shipped from Korea, it will not be possible for refunds or exchanges.

Read more about StyleupK refund policy.

13. Why are you doing this?

So that you can get your stylish korean clothing without traveling all the way to Korea! 

We love Korea, and hope that you will spend more time exploring the country the next time you visit this beautiful country. Don't worry about missing out on shopping, you can continue over here at StyleupK!

14. What can I do to express my love for StyleupK?

We are a small dedicated team. It would be really helpful to write a review and share and tag a picture of your StyleupK item on Instagram if you like the item :)

In return, we promise to search for awesome korean brands and give you the best of the best!